How To Prepare Loose Leaf Tea in a Teapot – Watch the Video

Learn here how to prepare loose leaf tea in a teapot. It is quite simple, but a few tips and tricks might help make this moment even better.

Preparing herbal tea becomes like a ritual after time. It is an invitation to relax, discuss, daydream while sipping on delightful aromas. Drinking a warm cup of herbal tea helps to get through the cold months, stay warm, healthy and cosy. It is also lovely to drink herbal flavorful teas, warm or cold in the summer.

Make tea in a teapot to have a little bit more, to share at home or at work !

Watch the video in this post and a step-by-step guide on how to prepare loose leaf tea in a teapot.


How to prepare loose leaf tea in a teapot

You need

How to prepare loose leaf tea in a teapot :

  1. Take your favorite teapot with an infuser
  2. Boil the water to the desired temperature (for herbal teas, just before the boiling point is usually good)
  3. Warm the teapot and cups by pouring some of the hot water into them
  4. Discard the water
  5. Put two tablespoons of crushed organic loose leaf herbal tea in your favorite teapot
  6. Pour the hot water on the leaves
  7. Cover and let it steep for 3 to 10 minutes
  8. Taste and remove the infuser when it tastes just how you want it
  9. Drink hot, warm or cold
  10. Smile

Shop for a teapot 

You can find handmade ceramic teapots, glass ones and cast iron teapots. I will write on them in a post shortly.

Here are my picks of the day !

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In conclusion, using a teapot is a nice way to make a little bit more herbal tea at a time, and you can enjoy it hot, warm or cold. It is just so easy to prepare loose leaf tea in a teapot. It also helps drinking more liquid during the day when preparing that extra amount of herbal tea.

Herbal tea is like uplifted water !


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7 Replies to “How To Prepare Loose Leaf Tea in a Teapot – Watch the Video”

  1. I just remember that when I took a few lessons on Sado (tea ceremony) in Japan, we pour hot water into the cup to warm it up, and discard hot water. I thought it was very classy. Once I started drinking coffee, drinking tea became a very rare occasion. I know herbal tea is far healthier than coffee, and I should get back to healthier choice… I have a tea pot and infusion. Right now Jasmine tea leaves I got from my mother. I will follow this ritual with my Jasmine tea tonight!

  2. Great post. I remember my great grandmother preparing loose tea. She had this sort of cloth bag and she used to stuff her herbs in it and put it in the pot to brew. I realize that loose tea is making a come back. You can get fresh herbs from your garden or from the local tea shop. You can even make your own concoction. And that’s the fun part. One of my friends makes her own chai tea from scratch with the black pepper and cardamons and everything.

    1. Chai tea is so delicious, you can find my favorite herbal chai tea blend right here . It is nice to use loose tea, cause you can make a personal blend with what you have at home. Thanks for visiting !

  3. I love tea! This is very helpful for people looking to put a little more effort into preparing their tea than just putting a tea bag in hot water (nothing wrong with this either). It’s just a lot more satisfying and comforting when you prepare it in a pot. And there are so many cute teapot options to choose from 🙂 Thanks for the great post!

  4. I have a morning ritual of making peppermint tea in a kettle and sipping on it during the early morning hours. I find it helps me wake up and focus better. I wonder if they sell loose peppermint leaves that can be used to prepare loose leaf tea in the way that you described. Also, I’m not sure if you have something like this already but it’d be nice to see different loose leaf tea recipes that can be made in this way.

    1. Hi Juan ! I plan to post loose tea blend recipes to make at home with a few basic herbs. Meanwhile, you can find beautiful blends here with my Top 5 favorites. Also, for loose peppermint leaves, you will find them here .

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