12 Great Benefits of Drinking Mint Tea – And More !

Who doesn’t love the smell of mint ! It tastes just as amazing… ! The health benefits of drinking mint tea are numerous. It has long been used as a digestive aid and tonic, it helps with nausea, nasal congestion, migraines and as a relief from colds.

It is a delicious tea to have after dinner as it helps the digestion process. Peppermint tea is caffeine free. It is said to promote clear thinking ! Eureka !  but there is more…

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Mint, peppermint, spearmint… there are over 3000 varieties of mint in the mint family. I will focus here on peppermint, known as Mentha piperita which is the one mostly used for medicinal purposes.

A peppermint infusion, hot or cold, with help to :
  • Reduce a fever
  • Digest
  • Calm a migraine
  • Boost the immune system
  • Lose weight
  • Reduce Bad Breath
  • Reduce Inflammation
  • Reduce nasal congestion and cough
  • Calm the intestine and reduce constipation
  • Reduce nausea and motion sickness
  • Fight a cold
  • Reduce Stress (mild sedative)

Mint is not recommended if breastfeeding or for those suffering from heartburn, hiatal hernia or gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD) or in presence of gallstones. Mint is not recommended for children under 6. Always ask your doctor if you have a health condition what kind of herbal teas are contraindicated. May cause allergy.


You can use organic loose mint leaves, organic teabag, or mint from your garden. Simply boil some water and put a teaspoon or one teabag in a cup. Pour hot water on the tea. Let the tea steep for 5 minutes, or more… or less ! It really is a matter of personal taste. I like to use loose leaves because I can choose to put more or less mint in my tea.

Sweet tip : add your favorite honey !

Summer tip : brew your mint tea, refrigerate over night. Add some lemon and drink the cold infusion ! Here is a refreshing mint lemonade !

Winter tip : take a peppermint and thyme infusion as soon as the symptoms of a cold start.


Feeling congested ? Inhalation of a fresh mint infusion will help with nasal congestion. Eating fresh mint (and celery !) can help reduce nausea for those who feel travel sick.

Let’s not forget to add mint (dry or fresh) to meals as well, in couscous and in a salad. Here is my favorite mint dip recipe, I never measured it exactly … but here are the ingredients :

  • Plain yogurt
  • Crushed feta cheese
  • Mint (fresh or dry)
  • Black pepper
  • Blend the yogurt with the feta cheese, add black pepper and mint. Use it as a dip for vegetables, especially with cucumbers !

Anywhere ! Buy organic certified mint tea. Having your own mint garden is great, but it is not always possible. So read carefully the ingredients when buying the tea to make sure it contains no artificial flavours. Get some loose leaves if you like to dose it as you want, and use some leaves in cooking as well !

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From the botanical family of Lamiaceae, there are over thousands different mint species growing around the world. Mint is really easy to grow at home.  If you plant this in your garden, it will spread really fast, and can take over your garden ! It is good to dedicate an area for the mint or to grow it in pots because of their strong spreading roots. I decided to make a mint only garden, so it can spread as much as it wants. I then cut the mint and hang it to dry, and I have mint for a year… or more !


Have you ever tried mint teas ? Leave a comment !


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4 Replies to “12 Great Benefits of Drinking Mint Tea – And More !”

  1. Hi Victoria: As a Primal-Paleo advocate tea is a very important part of my diet I usually have it in the afternoon or before bedtime for a good night’s rest. I have had mint tea before but have not tried peppermint tea. I like the benefits you point out and I’m eager to try the recipes you are recommending. Thank you for sharing this information.

    1. There are many varieties of mint. The most common mints that we use for herbal teas are spearmint or peppermint. I don’t really see much of a difference, spearmint is perhaps a little weaker in taste, but the benefits are very similar. Basically, any mint tea will be delicious in an infusion ! Thanks for visiting.

  2. I love mint tea, but I did not know that it is not recommended for those suffering from heartburn. Incidentally, I have a bad problem with acid reflux. I thought that drinking warm mint tea after a meal would help the problem, but it never did. Now I know I need to keep away from it. What herbal tea would you recommend to help ease heartburn?

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