Detox Teas For Weight Loss Diet – Do They Work ?

A professional herbalist would tell you about all the benefits of herbal teas for your health. But how about the best detox teas for weight loss diet and if they work ? Well, let’s see….

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Herbs have proven medicinal properties, some from anti-inflammatory, antispasmodic to sedative, laxative, diuretic or antibacterial etc.., containing some compounds that are replicated in pharmacology for medication.

best detox teas for weight loss do they work

There are ongoing studies about the qualities of herbs and how they can improve (or not) our health. Folklore medicine, holistic medicine or your grandma homemade ointment ingredients can sometimes end up in scientific books after research.

13 Reasons Not To Believe In Detox Tea Diet

So here are a few points to take in consideration before jumping into a tea detox diet.

Ask your doctor about detox, and she/he will tell you that you don’t need a special powder or a tea diet of some sort. The body detoxifies itself naturally with the kidneys and the liver. It doesn’t matter how much green juice you drink ! The body naturally flushes the toxins.

2- Drink herbal tea because you love the taste and how it feels in your body.

3- To lose weight, the best thing is to exercise regularly, drink water, eat healthy and sleep well. Add a warm herbal tea in your day for pleasure and sometimes to boost the immune system or to relax. Smile and thank your body for all the hard work it is doing all the time….

4- A tea diet can be dangerous. It is important to drink herbal tea in moderation, like anything. Some teas should not be used for more than 10 days not to create a dependance.

5- Some detox teas contain senna and it can become an irritant to the colon according to National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Diseases. It can affect the potassium intake or create unwanted side effects like diarrhea and muscle spasms.

6- Some tea can contain guarana which is a stimulant containing caffeine and can affect your sleep (insomnia) by stimulating your nervous system. You can find guarana in energy drinks.

7- Detox teas can be laxative (makes you poop!) and/or diuretic (makes you pee). So, these teas will definitely make you feel like you are being detoxified… or losing weight. But you are in fact losing water and dehydrating the body. Laxative tea can be useful if constipation problems occur, other than that, it is not necessary.

8- Placebo do work sometimes…. SO if you find it is a motivation to include Detox teas, do it without skipping the gym, drinking lots of water and eating balanced meals. But, why not just make a simple ginger tea with lemon which will encourage you to drink more water without having to deal with laxative effects.

9- You will not lose fat. But water weight, which you will regain quickly.

10- Do research about what is in the tea you are buying, there might be side effects or your digestive tracts might develop a dependance on a product.

11- Detox and weight loss tea might be contraindicated with some medications or medical conditions.

12- A Detox is like those antibacterial soaps… promoting that all bacterias to be dirty. In fact, some bacterias are good and we need to keep them in our system to stay strong and healthy.

13- If you have weight issues, talk to a health professional and get support. That’s the best way to persevere into a healthy lifestyle.

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And make sure to read the ingredients carefully !


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Interesting ….

Even animals  self-medicate themselves with plants which is quite incredible. This book by Cindy Engel : Wild Health: How Animals Keep Themselves Well and What We Can Learn From Them, discusses a new field in biology which is called zoopharmacognosy.

For example, she describes how ” monkeys, bears, coatis, and other animals rub citrus oils and pungent resins into their coats as insecticides and antiseptics against insect bites.” In a TEDx conference, Michael Huffman, biologist, talks about his research about animal self-medication and how “food and medicine are of the same origin“.

TEDxOsaka – Michael Huffman – Animal self-medication.

Wait, but they use plants to self-medicate and not to lose weight !

Why am I using these examples, simply because plants, herbs, roots, flowers, do have properties, some are toxic, some nutritious and others are healing. And there are no doubts about that.

As far as weight loss and detox teas, as they call them, they can be part of a healthy diet but in moderation….. and some of them can be tasty. The list of ingredients of this tea looks interesting !

But, I would not hope for a miracle “detox” or for “weight loss”. Just enjoy herbal tea for what they are and in moderation ! Read the ingredients !

For example, this USDA certified organic dandelion root teais a blend with hibiscus and cinnamon, which makes the blend more flavorful than a single herb tea with only dandelion root which is on the bitter side.

It can be part of a healthy diet. This tea is great to improve digestion and boost the immune system. Dandelion roots are diuretic (makes you pee!) but also it is full of vitamins and minerals to support a healthy liver and your kidney.

Being healthy involves many different factors including exercising, drinking water, eating and sleeping well, respecting your body… relaxing, drinking some tea for pleasure and smiling !

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Let me know what you think ! Have you ever tried detox teas for weight loss ?

10 Replies to “Detox Teas For Weight Loss Diet – Do They Work ?”

  1. Wow, this is a great article. I think tea really can help weight loss diet. You right that we can’t lose weight just drink some tea, we also have to regularly exercise. I think that the safest option. Losing weight by doing workout. Thanks for sharing this.

    1. I agree that drinking tea can be part of a healthy lifestyle, of course. We all wish for magic though, but exercise is the key for weight loss! Everything is about finding the balance. Thanks for visiting !

  2. Wow, super informative! I love this sort of thing — natural remedies are the best! The book, “Wild Health” looks really interesting. Animals are so smart! Unfortunately … in so many cases, sometimes smarter than humans! This is a great resource and I’m sure I’ll be back several times to check it out. So many can benefit from this! Thanks for this article!

    1. Hi Courtney ! This field of study is so interesting as to how animals self-medicate. We can learn so much from them. See you again ! Thanks for dropping by !

  3. What a great article! You see so many wight loss teas out there and I have considered trying them… after reading this I will stick to the herbal teas and my regular exercise routine. Detoxing is a common term heard in the health food stores, I tried it once and it was an uncomfortable experiment! I truly enjoyed this article and look forward to reading more!

    1. Thanks for your comment. Some of the detox teas are great, but the term is misleading. The teas are laxatives and/or diuretic. In fact, the dandelion tea is an excellent diuretic tea (will increase the frequency of urination) and it is full of minerals. Studies found that it is a good plant for optimal liver function. Dandelion root tea is good to drink in the spring time, when we need to recharge in vitamins and minerals. I’m glad you enjoy this article and looking forward to seeing you again here !

  4. I am having a baby in November and have been researching some weight loss tips to get back on track fast he’s born. While the ideas of detoxes seem tempting, I know in the end it’s not really a great idea. I was hoping detox teas would be a good option, and it sounds like it can be a helpful but in moderation. I like your suggestion for the ginger tea which encourages you to drink more water. I have taken “weight loss” pills before which just messes up your bowels, and it was not fun. I will definitely be incorporating tea into my diet more.

    1. Hi Kelli, thanks for visiting. Weight loss pills do not sound very good indeed… I’m glad this post inspired you to incorporate more tea in your diet. Herbal teas are good to drink that extra water we need during the day and they do not contain caffeine. While pregnant or breastfeeding, it is important to ask your doctor if there are any medicinal herb teas that are contraindicated for you. It is always good to be extra careful with herbal teas during pregnancy. All the best !

  5. This is an amazing article and very informative. I agree that tea can help reduce weight and also gives healthy benefits and doing some exercise also helps a lot. I am using green tea right after I run which helps me in reducing fats and helps me detoxify. I also researched more of organic dandelion root tea that you are suggesting and it has a lot of positive feedback so I will give it a try. Thanks for this great post

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