Funny Cat Picture Quotes and Health Advice – Learn About Plants and Herbs

Discover my Cat’s Health Advice of The Day ! With funny cat picture quotes and health advice for humans. Learn about plants and herbs and what they can do to benefit your health ! Come back often, my cute and sometimes grumpy cats will make you smile !

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No cats have been harmed during the photo shoot ! Wishing you a healthy and happy life, follow me….

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how to prepare loose leaf tea in a teapot

How To Prepare Loose Leaf Tea in a Teapot – Watch the Video

Learn here how to prepare loose leaf tea in a teapot. It is quite simple, but a few tips and tricks might help make this moment even better.

Preparing herbal tea becomes like a ritual after time. It is an invitation to relax, discuss, daydream while sipping on delightful aromas. Drinking a warm cup of herbal tea helps to get through the cold months, stay warm, healthy and cosy. It is also lovely to drink herbal flavorful teas, warm or cold in the summer.

Make tea in a teapot to have a little bit more, to share at home or at work !

Watch the video in this post and a step-by-step guide on how to prepare loose leaf tea in a teapot.


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best detox teas for weight loss do they work

Detox Teas For Weight Loss Diet – Do They Work ?

A professional herbalist would tell you about all the benefits of herbal teas for your health. But how about the best detox teas for weight loss diet and if they work ? Well, let’s see….

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Search for detox teas

Herbs have proven medicinal properties, some from anti-inflammatory, antispasmodic to sedative, laxative, diuretic or antibacterial etc.., containing some compounds that are replicated in pharmacology for medication.

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Guide to Herbal Teas and Tisanes – Where To Start ?

If you are new to herbal tea, do not expect me to tell you about a mysterious diet or detox plan ! But herbal teas can improve your overall health in many different ways. Perhaps, some of you may think that herbal tea tastes like infused grass from your backyard ! Or maybe you had tasteless experiences !

Well, even though some herbal and medicinal teas might not have much of an interesting flavor, there are ways to pimp your teas and to benefit from their properties !  Here is a little guide to herbal teas and tisanes and how to incorporate them in  a healthy diet.

Find single herbs organic teas in teabags here.

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