health benefits of ginger root tea

Health Benefits of Ginger Root Tea – Scientifically Proven !

Ginger has been used since ancient times to treat digestive problems but it has so many more properties that we know of today ! Discover the multiple health benefits of ginger root tea in this post. Most of them have been scientifically proven, so yes ! Introducing more herbs, roots and spices can make a difference in your health. Ginger is a circulatory stimulant that makes it a great morning tea to replace a coffee … on top of being so, so flavorful. What I love about ginger tea is that it is so easy and cheap to make.

In this article, you will find a list of the health benefits of ginger root tea, some links to articles from medical research on ginger, precautions, how to brew ginger root tea, where to find ginger, some recipes and a video about how to plant and harvest the ginger ! Read on…

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benefits of drinking mint tea

12 Great Benefits of Drinking Mint Tea – And More !

Who doesn’t love the smell of mint ! It tastes just as amazing… ! The health benefits of drinking mint tea are numerous. It has long been used as a digestive aid and tonic, it helps with nausea, nasal congestion, migraines and as a relief from colds.

It is a delicious tea to have after dinner as it helps the digestion process. Peppermint tea is caffeine free. It is said to promote clear thinking ! Eureka !  but there is more…

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What Are The Benefits of Drinking Chamomile Tea

What Are The Benefits of Drinking Chamomile Tea ? It Is Delicious and…


…it is well-known as a bedtime herbal tea ! The benefits of drinking chamomile tea are multiple and it has been used for centuries from people all around the world. Chamomile tea helps with insomnia, anxiety. Gently sedative, relaxant, it is also digestive and anti-inflammatory. It is good to calm stomach aches.

Add chamomile tea in your diet when you feel restless, before bed, or to ease an upset stomach. In folklore, this little plant restore strength, hope and confidence … who doesn’t need that nowadays…!

Here is a detailed list of the benefits of drinking chamomile tea and other traditional uses…

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